KML Foundation

KML Foundation

The Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School Foundation, Inc. has been established to invest and preserve your gifts for perpetual support of the people and programs of KML. As a unique and separate organization, the Foundation Board of Directors annually uses the growth of the funds to assist families and advance the mission and vision programs of its high school. Your gift to the KML Foundation, Inc. shows a long term commitment to Christian education for generations to come.  More information about the foundation is available at

The KMLHS Foundation manages endowment funds for the purpose of providing tuition assistance for KML students.

What is an endowment?
An endowment works as a nest egg for the future of the institution. Gifts to the endowment are invested, rather than spent. Then, a percentage of the income growth from the investment is used to support a specific purpose. The remaining income is reinvested in the endowment, insuring that the value of the investment continues to grow.

More than money
The endowment also provides the high school with long-term financial stability. The endowment helps ensure that KMLHS will continue to provide its students with rigorous academics on the solid foundation of God’s Word and Christ’s example. 

The gift that keeps giving
A gift to the endowment is a gift that keeps on giving – literally. The high school has a goal of growing the endowment fund to $3 million. As the endowment grows, the high school becomes more financially stable and less dependent on individual donors.

You can even establish a personalized fund in your name
Individuals who give or pledge $25,000 or more have the opportunity to establish a personalized endowment fund in their name (i.e. The Smith Family Endowment). These customized funds can be given all at once or over time in payments (typically three to five years). Once the fund reaches $25,000, it will begin paying out to tuition assistance according to the donor’s predetermined criteria. Such named endowment funds can be added to at any time and in any amount. Until the $25,000 mark is reached, the interest gained is reinvested in the fund.

Gifts to KMLHS are crucial to its future
If you would like more information on the endowment, establishing a named endowment fund, or ways to make a gift to the high school, please contact Superintendent David Bartelt at 262-677-4051 x 1110 or

Shaping tomorrow with your gifts today.

You can create a giving legacy for future generations. Help others grow  through the same Christian education you received...

  • Direct Gifts
    • Cash gift of any amount
    • Real estate, stock, bonds or other assets
  • Bequests & Beneficiary Proceeds
    • Naming your high school in a will or estate plan
    • Naming KML as a life insurance or retirement plan beneficiary
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
    • An agreement through which you make a gift of cash and/or securities and in turn receive guaranteed payments for life. ($10,000 minimum)
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
    • Provides set income payments for life or a term of up to 20 years. ($50,000  minimum)
    • Charitable Remainder Unitrust
    • Provides a payment rate for life or a term of years—the amount varies according to the value of the trust's assets. ($100,000 minimum for gifts of cash and/or securities, $200,000 minimum with real estate gifts)