Work Release Program

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School has developed a Work Release Program to afford students the opportunity to gain additional experience and training in jobs that might lead to a future career. The program is not open to students who are merely interested in leaving school in order to report to their jobs prior to the end of the school day. The following principles govern the Work Release Program. (A copy of the actual Board policy is available from the Director of Student Services.)

  1. The program is open only to seniors.
  2. In order to participate in the program, the student must apply to the Education Committee of the Board of Directors. The application must be made for each semester. IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FALL SEMESTER, THE STUDENT MUST APPLY ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 1. IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SPRING SEMESTER, THE STUDENT MUST APPLY ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 1. The Education Committee will normally require that the student either has completed some appropriate course work or is concurrently enrolled in appropriate courses. Application must be made through the Director of Student Services.
  3. In order to participate in the work release program, the student must maintain at least a C average, based on quarter grades. The student may not have any grade lower than a C- on any quarter report card. The student will become ineligible to participate in the work release program if the grade requirements are not maintained.
  4. The student's schedule must make participation in the work release program possible without causing section overloads or section imbalances. Students should also note that they must continue to carry 6 credits at KMLHS.
  5. Any 8th period classes must be taken in sequence.
  6. The student's tuition must be current.
  7. Transportation is the responsibility of the student and his family. A liability waiver will be required.
  8. The employer should give the student a written statement that justifies the work release.
  9. The employer should be interested in or potentially interested in becoming a part of a cooperative education program with KMLHS.
  10. The employer must agree to make progress reports and evaluations of the student and submit these to the guidance director at KMLHS.
  11. KML will offer no credit for work release.