In the weeks leading up to Easter 2015, seventeen Cross Trainers and their chaperones embarked on a journey to help our congregations in Texas, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Cross Trainers 2015 trip 1

It was once again amazing to see how God used our KML students to help share the message of our risen Savior.

Cross Trainers trip 4 

All the teams did quite a bit of canvassing and engaged people in conversations about Jesus. Some also helped organize and run Easter for Kids outreach programs at their congregations.

Cross Trainers trip 2     Cross Trainers trip 3

The Texas teams also partnered with teams from Illinois Lutheran High School and Winnebago Lutheran Academy to help four congregations reach out to their communities. The Texas teams also worked with Truth in Love Ministries in being prepared to go out and talk to many people regarding Jesus.

Cross Trainers trip 5

The Holy Spirit greatly impacted our teams as they were strengthened in their faith as well as empowered to boldly tell others of Jesus. We pray that they will be able to take this strengthened faith and continue to boldly impact people throughout our communities with the wonderful message of our loving Savior.‚Äč

Advisors- Mr. Mark Heckendorf & Pastor Phil Malchow


For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
- I Corinthians 1:18 (NIV (R))

Mission Statement: Training teens and others to walk in the cross of Christ.

Cross Trainers is a selected group of junior and seniors. Students complete an application and are then selected for this organization. The mission of Cross Trainers is to teach teenagers and others to walk in the cross of Christ. The primary goal of Cross Trainers is to be a peer mentoring group that will help freshmen transition into high school. Other goals are to take an active part in Wisconsin Synod missions and also involvement in area communities. Each individual will learn about leadership styles and how to lead by positive Christian example, positive interaction, and interpersonal assessment. Cross Trainers plan for positive ways to change negative attitudes or actions within the student body. Cross Trainers goal is also to help with any new students as well as foreign exchange students entering KML. A training session(s) will be provided before the beginning of each school year. Occasional meetings will be required and publicized throughout the school year.